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For more than 30 years, Delphax has teamed with forward-thinking companies to revolutionize the print industry with state-of-the-art solutions backed by superior service.

We are. Global. Responsive. Experienced.

Should you require support or training on our elan product line please do not hesitate to contact us.

We’ve made our business personal, so yours can be profitable.

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  • Parts & Consumables

    Quick, convenient tracking and ordering of parts and consumables ensures your system runs at optimal efficiency.

  • Technology Upgrades

    Technology doesn’t wait. Delphax service experts work with you to ensure your system has the most recent upgrades and change orders to protect your investment and optimize your business.

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    The choice is yours. Choose from a wide range of standard or customized maintenance and service plans to meet the unique requirements of your organization.

  • Installation & Training

    Leverage your resources to optimize your printing. Training is designed to give your onsite operators and engineers comprehensive insight to maintain system productivity and efficiency.

  • Legacy Product Support

    Our robust print production systems are designed to stand the test of time. Our team of experienced technicians stands behind them when they don’t.

  • Technical Publications

    Access critical product information — including field engineering bulletins and technical literature — at any time to ensure peak performance.

PARTS & CONSUMABLES: Improve productivity, preserve your budget

Delphax makes it easy to replenish your stock and place special orders. Quick, convenient access to an extensive inventory of high-quality parts, consumables and supplies is only seconds away. Our experienced customer service representatives are trained to know your business and your industry, so they can help you make prudent decisions to improve your productivity while preserving your budget.

Our team responds quickly with answers for any request — always within 24 hours — because we know how critical it is for your system to be operating at all times. That’s why we also offer emergency shipping options to get you up and running again as soon as possible.

TECHNOLOGY UPGRADES: Improve efficiency and profitability

Improve efficiency and profitability with the latest technological advances. Delphax systems are designed to evolve as your business does. We offer several types of technology upgrade programs to keep your systems operating at peak performance.

Field Engineering Bulletins
Delphax issues field engineering bulletins (FEBs) to ensure seamless integration from the factory to the field to your print environment. FEBs offer key product-specific information, including part number changes and operator, technician and maintenance tips.

Field Change Orders
Our engineers are visionaries. Their commitment to continuous improvement and innovation inspires design changes. Other times, mandatory regulatory system changes are required. Delphax field change orders (FCOs) help you upgrade your systems quickly and efficiently so you can optimize your investment.

Mandatory FCO
Regulations change, requiring modifications to systems already in the field. Delphax helps you upgrade to meet the new specifications and offers all required components.

Improvement FCO
Delphax always strives to improve reliability and performance. You reap the rewards. Improvement FCOs are recommended to all customers and are included with any of our full-service maintenance plans.

Optional FCO
You decide whether or not to purchase the upgrade and arrange for installation to improve system performance, add capabilities and simplify operation.

MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS: Restore peak performance quickly

You’re unique. Your business is unique. That’s why Delphax offers a wide range of standard or customized maintenance and service plans to meet the specific requirements of your organization.

Choose the level of service that’s best for your business. Each is designed to restore or improve your productivity and efficiency quickly.

Full-Service Plans
Our experienced teams can handle all of your service needs with any of our three levels of standard full-service plans. The plans include on-call field support, telephone support, parts replacement and on-site spare parts inventory.

+ Level 1: 24 service hours per day, your choice of 5 to 7 days per week.
+ Level 2: 16 service hours per day, your choice of 5 to 7 days per week.
+ Level 3: 9 service hours per day, your choice of 5 to 7 days per week.
(on-call service beyond normal contract hours is available.)

Self-Maintenance Plans
Teamwork is one of Delphax’s strengths — whether it’s internally, or working with our customers. We can work with your onsite service technicians to maintain optimal care of your equipment. Select the complementary services to complete your maintenance needs.

Periodic Preventive Maintenance
Experienced Delphax service technicians can schedule periodic visits to help your team with training and technology upgrades to ensure your equipment maintains optimal productivity.

Extended Product Protection
Technical support is only a phone call away. The plan also includes a spare parts package for your site.

Customized Maintenance
It’s your equipment. Maintain it exactly the way you want with our custom maintenance options. Our customer support team will work with you to develop a plan that accommodates your specific requirements to ensure maximum profitability.

INSTALLATION & TRAINING: Leverage your resources, optimize your printing

Delphax offers comprehensive training designed to give your onsite operators and service technicians comprehensive insight to maintain system productivity and efficiency for a wide range of applications.

Maintenance Training
Comprehensive service training — including classroom and onsite instruction — enables service technicians to maintain service and repair a Delphax system. Training includes operational diagnosis, routine adjustments, and sub-assembly replacement.

Application Training
Delphax offers many specialized tools that effectively manage workflow, print jobs, queues and production tracking. Application training offers clear, concise instruction on how to use them.

Operator Training
Choose the level of operator training that fits your staff. Basic and advanced training classes are conducted onsite or at a Delphax-certified training facility:

+ Basic: Offers clear, intuitive instruction on how to perform daily functions, including general maintenance procedures, that can ensure peak performance.
+ Advanced: Includes basic operator training — plus advanced programming features and how to diagnose and repair minor system faults.

LEGACY PRODUCT SUPPORT: Maintain exceptional reliability

Delphax print production systems are robust and reliable. That’s why you’ve been able to print high-volume runs for as long as you have with low total cost of ownership. We offer comprehensive service and support on all Delphax systems to ensure your productivity remains as consistent as our system’s durability has.

TECHNICAL PUBLICATIONS: Convenient access to critical information

Up-to-date technical documentation is available anytime, anywhere. Visit our Technical Publications Portal for quick access to our extensive supply of technical literature. Delphax sends printed technical documents and supplements or places them on a CD-ROM with every system.